Montaserie laboratory

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Montaserie Organ Transplantation Hospital
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Montaserie Hospital Laboratory

Montaserie hospital laboratory was set up in February 2011 by 4 expert laboratories, Pathologist and a technical officer with the following goals:

  • To obtain Patient satisfaction in clinic by providing quality services;

  • To provide patients with quality tests as needed;

  • To improve the quality of medical diagnosis and specific treatment of patients;

  • To commission specialized tests required by hospital doctors to improve clinical diagnosis;

  • To use the latest equipment to improve quality of results;

  • To cooperate in research projects
500 square meters of laboratory space has been created for a medical diagnostic laboratory and pathology. This space has been provided with regard to the existing standards, attractive and pleasant environment for staff and our clients.

Hospital laboratory contains blood bank laboratory, hematology, serology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology and pathology. In these sectors offers several specialized tests in addition to routine laboratory services.


High qualified technical staff including experts in laboratory science and PhD are working here. Several of these courses in their specialized fields have been completed to provide better services to our patients and to be more efficient.

Dedicated in providing quality services, substantial investment has been made in laboratory equipment.
In addition, applying good equipment, skilled labor, and kits of materials used is one unique feature of this section .
The most important criteria in selecting the lab kits in the laboratory are their good quality. Towards this goal, some kits
are purchased directly from foreign companies. Vacutainer system for sampling, tubes and other disposable equipment in the lab is a lot of help to improve quality.

Quality Control Laboratory is one of the active segments. Standard quality control methods is done in the laboratory and test results are compared with each other Between different sub laboratories in the Laboratory.