Montaserie Emergency Department

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Montaserie Organ Transplantation Hospital
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


 Montaserie Emergency Department

 Emergency center in Montaserie Hospital is located on the west side of ground floor and includes:

» Physician room

» Resuscitation equipped with central oxygen and suction systems - bed restoration - the ECT - trawl CPR - pulse Oxy meter and oxygen, and its essentials: the nasal tube and face mask

» Exam rooms and equipment, including examination beds - Ophthalmoscope, etc.

» Ladies' dressing room

» Men' dressing room

»Toilets for personnel

» The hall consists of three beds and two beds equipped with central oxygen and suction ventilator - monitoring - pulse oximetry - electrocardiogram machine - portable suction - trawl CPR - wheelchair - glucometer with blood sugar control bar - partition - safety box - base balance and serum

» Nursing Station includes computer - printer - such as mobile communication system, the iphone and ringtones - refrigerators for storing medications - medications shelves - file papers to keep records

» Warehouse contains all the necessary drugs

» used equipment room

» Toilet for patients