Bone Marrow transplantation


Montaserie Organ Transplantation Hospital
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

 Bone Marrow Transplantation

The bone marrow section is located on the third floor of Montaserie Hospital through two automatic separate doors next to liver transplant section.
This section starts with the air locked double doors where pantry for patients is located. After the second door, there are three isolated rooms, each of which with comfort equipment like: refrigerator - TV - VCD - bathroom. In the entrance air filter is installed to prevent the entry of particles into the room, and the central air in the midst has HEPA filter. Wall paint is made of special colors and is washable. Glass windows are covered by a layer of Plexiglas and everything is washable inside the rooms. It contains three patient rooms - a room for the staff - chemotherapy room and Rest rooms. Nursing stations include: portable radiography machine - electrocardiogram machine - Portable suction - Monitors - Pulse Oxy meter - ventilator - Ect - infusion pumps - Chemotherapy Hood - Oxy hood and Shaker.
There are nursing call systems in nursing stations and work rooms and a hallway for quick access. Care system is a nurse with 2 patients and each crew has two nurses and one assistant nurse.

This section will have admission for Thalassemia patients - all types of leukemia - some types of anemia and immune deficiencies, etc. and the average hospitalization period is between 25-30 days.










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